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Fame System

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Posted on Mon May 08, 2017 9:42 pm


Fame System

Fame determines one's popularity among the societies. You might hear gossips about you and you might be followed by a flock of fans. You might be a simple villain or a supermodel, whatever you do, you know your name will be mentioned by everyone. This is the power of a name. In ET, Fame can be used for different purposes. A certain amount of fame sometimes is required for you to take a certain mission or apply for a specific position. Fame is also needed to obtain Custom Title. Anyone can gain Fame Points by doing missions.

  • 1-20 - Can't find yourself in the news? Probably no one knows you aside from your family and friends. You are simply a bystander.
  • 21-100 - Your neighbors know you. They greet you in every encounter. From time to time, they might seek for your help. If you are evil-aligned, local people are starting to avoid you.
  • 101-200 - You are the hottest news of your local village or town. People want to know more about you. However, other villages are still dumbfounded whenever you ask them about you. If you are evil-aligned, your local village or town doesn’t like your presence. They avoid you and don’t even want to deal with you.
  • 201-300 - You are known in several places. You start giving people your autograph wherever you go. People treat you better and are willing to help you in several situations. If you are evil-aligned, you are a threat and they are hostile towards you even if you are just standing by. You might feel that the Rune Knights are after you.
  • 301-400 - Your name is known throughout the country. Everyone is talking about you. Locals welcome you with open arms, you have the chances to be featured in magazines, and people look up to you as a role model.  Wherever you go, groups of fans are following you. If you are evil-aligned, everyone closes their doors whenever you show up. No one wants to deal with you or even see you, they will run away as fast as they can when they encounter you. Rune Knights are trying their best to capture you. Your wanted posters are everywhere.  
  • 401-500 - You are a legend. You are no joke anymore. Major businesses including countries’ royalties like to deal with you. They are not afraid to give even the most complicated requests to you. You are viewed as their hero. Whatever you do, everyone appreciates it. Your name is screamed and shouted wherever you go. If you are evil-aligned, you are the enemy of humanity. Your name itself can strike fear into one’s heart. People shiver when they hear your name, lost hope when they see you. Anyone will think twice before they fight you. All justices are hot in pursuit.

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